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A Guide To The Places Dickens Knew And Wrote About


One of the most amazing things about Dickens London is just how much of it has managed to survive the march of time and progress.

Indeed, at first glance, you might feel tempted to dismiss the modern streets and buildings as not being worth a second glance and you might hurry by or along them en route to whatever your ultimate destination might be.

And yet, if you scratch the surface, if you duck down the sides streets, or delve into the hidden courtyards and passageways that are scattered around the modern Metropolis, surprises aplenty await your discovery and you will be surprised by the number of Dickensian locations that such perambulations might uncover.

In our Dickens London guide, we feature many of those locations and provide you with brief descriptions of them, give you directions on how to reach them and, wherever possible, provide short films that will give you the flavour of these wonderful places in order that you can view them and absorb their ambiances no matter where in the World you are located.

So, make yourself comfortable, focus on whatever device you might be viewing this page on, and prepare to be transported back in time into the historic hinterland of Dickens London.

Your online time carriage awaits!